Singer tries not to turn the air blue - but admits she DOES have a favourite swear word

It’s official:Charlotte Church is trying to swear less.

The singer, who found fame just before her teens, has been known to turn the air blue in the past but no longer finds it that entertaining.

‘I’ve tried to tone it down in general because I’ve grown up and don’t think it’s that cool anymore,’ says Charlotte, 28.

‘It doesn’t really bother me that much, I just think, “Whatever, they’re only words.”‘

Charlotte’s especially keen not to curse around daughter Ruby, seven, and son Dexter, five, her children from her relationship with rugby player Gavin Henson.

‘Socially, it’s rather unacceptable to have small kids running around swearing,’ the mum-of-two says.

Despite her pledge, Charlotte Church still has a favourite profanity, cheekily revealing: ‘I quite like f*ck-a-duck.’

It’s not the only thing that Charlotte has tried to curb for the sake of her kids.

The former classical music star is keen for Ruby and Dexter to listen to material she approves of and is also careful about what they watch too.

‘I just try to make sure they don’t see any silly Katy Perry videos,’ the doting mum explains.

‘But they’re so good with their computers now, it’s hard to shield them from it. They’re proper digital natives.

‘Pop music is totally fine, as long as it’s good. But lots of it enhances stereotypes that I don’t agree with.

‘And also loads of it is just totally crap. “Gangnam Style” was an absolute nightmare.’

Charlotte Church‘s son and daughter are exposed to a variety of genres but it sounds like the singer can understand if they’re not keen on classical music.

She admits that, having started performing as a child, she found it hard when her friends deemed it uncool.

‘I was gutted I couldn’t get my peers interested,’ Charlotte told The Independent Magazine last year.

‘In anything you do, you want it to appeal to your peers. I suppose that’s why I’ve gone down this avenue.’

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