We've known her for five years, and they've all been great

There must be something in Geordie DNA that means only they can produce the best one-liners, but only one of them can produce the certain… quality of Charlotte Crosby.

We mean, just look at this one from one of the latest series of Geordie Shore.

Charlotte Crosby

Honestly pet, when’s your birthday. We need to get you a razor.

But we’ve face the MEGA sad news recently that Charlotte Crosby has left Geordie Shore forever, and we couldn’t be more bummed about that.

So in honour of her being the most ridiculous woman on the planet, here’s her top 10 best quotes.


 1) One of the best things about the girl is that she knows exactly what she wants.


It just so happens that the thing she wants is willy

2) Charlotte Crosby is always looking out for her friends

Shag friend

Any good friend looks out for another’s special place

 3) And she knows her mates like the back of their hand

Holly Cock

They’re so lucky to have her

4) We all know that Charlotte Crosby is a lover of the arts

GAz willy-2

And that relationship ended about as well as a Shakespeare play…

5) And like the Bard, she is quite the poet


That’s the kind of slam poetry we like to hear

6) She knows how to put a boy in her place…

Gaz Willy

She couldn’t be clearer

7) And knows exactly how to deal with all these mind games


You aren’t getting one up on her

 8) But you know, she NEVER shies away from experimenting


Though we encourage using the razor, babes

9) She’s very much a ‘Cut the BS’ kinda girl

Spoon Fork

Wise words

10) Through it all, she’s a woman, and she knows it


You tell ‘em girl!

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