We chat to the ex-Geordie Shore star about surgery, weight loss and why she'll never wear a bra...

When you say the name Charlotte Crosby, what comes to mind? A loud, giggly, Sunderland lass from the TV show Geordie Shore, with a penchant for stripping off, getting drunk, fighting then making up with co-star Gary Beadle, and weeing in public. But the Charlotte we met last week at a central London hotel was nothing like the wild girl we’ve gotten to know on our screens.

This Charlotte, who quit the MTV reality show in June, was not her normal animated self. Wearing a gold playsuit from her latest fashion range at In The Style, we find the subdued star lounging on a sofa in a suite at the Westminster Park Plaza.

After a few minutes of polite small talk about her new dating app show reel – Single Status – Charlotte, 26, starts to warm up. And so do her lips, which as we reported in last week’s magazine, start to spontaneously bleed as we begin chatting.


Charlotte opens up to Now

It’s a bit disconcerting, although Charlotte doesn’t seem too bothered, casually dabbing the blood away with her finger or tongue. Charlotte has made no secret of the fact she has had lip fillers, but we are not sure whether it is the fillers, or something else, which is causing the bleeding.

Either way, the bizarre incident leads us to ask Charlotte about surgery and that is when the feisty Chazza we know and love, suddenly comes to life. She has A LOT she wants to get off her chest – literally – especially when it comes to the subject of Josie Gibson…

Now saw you on holiday in Mexico with Sophie Kasaei. Do you feel that people want to see you fall off the diet wagon?
Oh yeah of course. The way I’m sat now in this interview someone could take a picture and say, ‘oh she’s put the weight back on’ because everyone wants to see someone fail. It’s not a nice thing to say but it’s just the way it is.

Has there been a point where you’ve had a few bad weeks and thought ‘I need to get back on it’?
When I used to film Geordie Shore I’d have five weeks of drinking and eating bad and I used to fluctuate all the time. I’d go up four or five pounds. But I’d never regain the three stone I lost so it didn’t matter. I’m never going back to the person I was then.

Big Brother winner Josie Gibson’s had a tummy tuck. What do you think that?
She had a lot of loose skin because she was very big before.

Josie recently had a tummy tuck

Josie recently had a tummy tuck

A few people have given her stick for it… 
I think people are so hypocritical. Josie lost so much weight. If you were that big, lost all that weight and had sagging skin, you don’t know how it would feel. You’d feel so insecure. She’s worked so hard and her sagging skin could be solved by surgery. I know if I had that, I would be so insecure. It would make us feel down every day, so to criticize someone for wanting to be happy is so low.

People are quick to criticize when a famous person gets surgery, and as someone who has gone through that process, how do you deal with that?
You’re always going to get criticised. It’s the same people who criticize my fitness DVD. They’re the kind of people who are so lazy and will never get off the sofa and do anything with their life. If you’re happy with yourself you don’t criticize.

Will you have surgery again?
I don’t have anything right now that I’m unhappy with. I wasn’t as big as Josie Gibson, luckily. I disliked my nose, so I changed it. Josie had to have a tummy tuck to make her feel confident.

Recently you received comparisons to the late pop singer Pete Burns, on Twitter. How do you cope with trolls?
It’s so easy to laugh off. People come up with comparisons every day. If it were my friends or people I love, then yeah, it would bother us. My mum criticised my weight and I got so down I decided to make a change. Coming from Joe Bloggs, who doesn’t even have a profile picture, then I honestly don’t care. It doesn’t bother us in the slightest.

If you had children in the future, would you decide to have another surgical procedure?
I don’t know what’s going to happen with my body in the future. I’ll let nature take its course and if anything makes us unhappy I’ll get it changed. But nothing might happen. My boobs haven’t gotten saggy and I don’t wear a bra. I don’t think they’ll ever get saggy.

Will you do another fitness DVD?
I’m taking a break from them at the minute because they tend to take over my life. Right now there’s no new DVD in the pipeline.

How do you stay in shape?
I wake up and do 12 rounds on my DVD. I have breakfast, usually eggs, then soup for lunch and for dinner meat and vegetables.

What’s life been like after Geordie Shore? Do you watch it?
I haven’t got Sky so it’s hard. I’m not crying because I’m not able to watch it. I’m not bothered.

Scott's a firm favourite on Geordie Shore

Scott’s a firm favourite on Geordie Shore

What’s going on with Scotty T, is he leaving the show?
I don’t know. I’ve been unable to give any good information. I’ve been in Mexico and hardly speak to Scott anymore. I’m not involved in Geordie Shore so I’m the last person to ask about it.

Would you have another TV romance, like the one you had with Gary Beadle?
I wouldn’t rule it out because not everyone is the same. It’s always going to be hard in the public eye.

So much has been said about your love life, but do you ever feel the need to keep it private?
I couldn’t choose to do that, I get linked with a different person every week. I was walking out of a launch night with Sam Smith’s ex-boyfriend and people said it was my new boyfriend. I’ve got lots of boyfriends now. My best friend Adam, who I do my clothing line with, has been my boyfriend for three years. But he’s gay and in a relationship…

With Christmas approaching, do you worry about your diet?
No, I always let myself go in December. I go out loads with my friends. I have Chinese takeaways. You can’t get hold of us over Christmas. I eat and then I go out. And then I sleep.

What have you got planned for Christmas and New Year?
Christmas I’ll be with my family. Me and my friends are still trying to decide on New Year. It’s going to be a night out but sometimes I think it would be nicer to have a gathering in the house. It’s overrated going out.

What did you think of the public response to your prank tweet about going on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here?
I think people were more annoyed that I wasn’t going in because they got excited. I’m A Celeb isn’t something I’d cross out, but I haven’t been offered it because you don’t seem to get asked if you’ve already done Celebrity Big Brother.

What are you plans for 2017?
I really want to do Strictly Come Dancing and I’ll do anything I can to do that. That’s my main aim!