Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby reveals how she ended up in tears due to her weight insecurities on a raunchy photoshoot

Charlotte Crosby seems a picture of confidence these days, what with her newly slimmed-down figure and blossoming TV career, but it’s been a long journey for the Geordie Shore star.

25-year-old Charlotte has revealed how crippling insecurities about her weight once left her so distraught that she was in floods of tears on the set of a raunchy photoshoot – and was too ashamed to set foot in the gym to do something about it.

In her new book Me Me Me, Charlotte describes how she felt ‘humungous’ whilst having revealing pictures taken for Nuts magazine including snaps of her posing in lingerie.

‘I remember turning up to a photoshoot and all the clothes were sizes 6 and 8,’ the Newcastle lass writes.

‘When I put them on they were digging in so much they were nearly cutting my skin. I felt disgusting. I was crying my eyes out.’

Charlotte was so upset by the experience that she wouldn’t come out of the changing rooms and didn’t want to go through with the shoot.

‘I felt so insecure and didn’t want to stand in front of the camera feeling like that,’ she explains.

Eventually the TV star went through with it as she didn’t want to let anyone down but continued to sob in between takes.

A good thing to come out of that difficult day though was the fact that it made Charlotte realise that she really wanted to get into shape – if only she could overcome her gym fears.

‘I knew I needed to get fit,’ she says. ‘But I’d got so big, I was too embarrassed to go to the gym.’

Charlotte has since shed 3st, taking her from a size 16 to a size 8 in six months. The bubbly star released her hugely popular 3 Minute Belly Blitz fitness DVD last year and has continued to work out and eat healthily to maintain her figure.

It’s given her a real boost and those dark days spent crying in changing rooms are clearly long gone.

‘I’m a happier and more confident person now,’ says Charlotte. ‘I’m so much healthier – I like pushing my muscles to the limit and watching them change.’

Expect plenty more juicy revelations from Charlotte when her autobiography Me Me Me is released on 16 July 2015.

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