The Girls Aloud star and husband Ashley are hoping to have a baby on the way in 2009


Cheryl and Ashley Cole are determined to prove that they’re officially back on track after nearly splitting up 10 months ago.

‘They’ve made a pact,’ a source tells us exclusively. ‘They’ve promised they’ll never mention their past troubles again and will start afresh.’

Showing the world that the England defender had passed his ‘probation’, Cheryl included him on a night out with her and Girls Aloud recently – and the couple were both wearing their wedding rings.

Ashley, 27, escorted his  25-year-old wife to swanky restaurant Nobu then to The May Fair Hotel to celebrate the filming of the band’s Christmas ITV show The Girls Aloud Party.

‘This was a public statement by Cheryl and very significant,’ a source tells . ‘It was intended to show everyone that they’re back to normal,’

The couple now plan to try for a baby in 2009.

‘They know it’ll be a logistical challenge for her to fall pregnant before November 2009 as they have so many commitments,’ says our source.

‘They’ve decided to start trying in November. In the meantime, they’re going to try to support each other at all key events, whether it’s Ashley’s major matches or Cheryl’s X Factor or Girls Aloud appearances.

‘The Premier League season doesn’t end until May, then Cheryl goes on tour with Girls Aloud. But apart from training to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief in February, Cheryl will have some free time, which she’ll devote to Ashley.

‘They’ve also said that if Ashley gets any time off, they’ll take the opportunity to go on holiday before Cheryl’s tour.’

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