The X Factor judge has been through some rough patches


Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has revealed how she learned to cope during difficult times in the past few years.

The singer is feeling much more settled these days after overcoming some trying events, such as her divorce from first husband Ashley, her battle with malaria and her very public sacking from the US X Factor.

But through it all Chezza has ensured she remains grounded by taking stock every now and then.

‘[I got through it] myself,’ says Cheryl, 31.

‘[By] taking time for myself. Realising what’s around. Re-evaluating everything. I’ve been through a bit, you know?

‘To reach this point is like a breath of fresh air, honestly. I can breathe. And I’m 30! I’m a woman! I’m older!

‘I’d be worried if I wasn’t [wiser too].’

Cheryl is well aware that her life has been like a rollercoaster and has found it very tough at times.

‘It definitely played out in the media that way,’ the X Factor judge says.

‘It was harsh. Brutal, actually. The endless reports. Barefaced lies. The character assassinations. All that stuff.

‘When you think about it, when you’re at school, and you hear someone’s talking harsh about you, and you know that sinking feeling?

‘”Oh my God, that girl was being really mean about us?” All those horrible feelings. It was like that, but times a million.’

Luckily Cheryl has reached a much happier place now and is entering the New Year on a high.

Last year she made a sensational return as an X Factor judge, released her third solo album and married French love Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini.

We can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for her!

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