Cheryl and Liam have made their red carpet baby bump debut and it's AMAZING.

The showbiz mystery of the year has undoubtedly been whether Cheryl is pregnant with boyfriend Liam Payne’s baby has finally the pair have unofficially ‘confirmed’ the news with a big belly and very happy smiles!

Months of wearing loose fitting clothes and clever patterns over her stomach, as well as her famously slim figure appearing to have gained some curves, have kept fans and media alike guessing for months – and now, Cheryl and Liam have made their first red carpet debut with the baby bump!

Attending the Quintessentially Foundation’s Annual Fayre of St James’ Church in London – a charity concert in aid of Cheryl’s Trust and The Prince’s Trust- the pair look over the moon and we just *can’t*.

Fans have been quick to share their delight at the public unveiling of her baby bump, with Tweets sharing message of congratulations for the couple.

One account has shared some snaps of the baby bump debut, with the caption ‘Liam and Cheryl earlier tonight!! Congrats guys!’.

Another writes ‘Well well well… Congrats Liam and Cheryl’…

Whilst there is still no official statement from the couple, we think the writing is on the wall with this one…

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Though she’s spent much of the year in private, the times that Cheryl, 33, has mostly shown up to promote the things she cares about – and Cheryl’s Trust is certainly one of them.

A massive congratulations to both Liam and Cheryl on the happy news!