All of Cheryl's groups on X Factor have had to change their name due to copyright reasons

There’s been some pretty big changes in X Factor this year – first Tom Bleasby left, then contraversial contestant Mason Noise was bought back for judges’ houses.


And now, mentor of the groups, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has had a bit of a bother on the show.

ALL of her groups – every single one of them – have had to change the name of their group due to copyright claims.

So what are the changes we hear you cry?

Well, those cheerful chicas 4th Power are now 4th Impact.

Alien are becoming Alien Uncovered and BEKLN and being rebranded as BEKLN Mile.

But the biggest change is probably for Silver Tone (are you keeping up?) who are now called Melody Stone, while duo Menn On Point will now go by simply their first names, Reggie n Bollie.

Oh, and there’s The First Kings, who are now known as New Kings Order.


Now, a name change may not sounds like much, but think about it – they’ll have to change their Twitter handle and everything. What a palaver!

Well, better now than later! This isn’t the first time to happen on the show either. Back in 2011 when Little Mix were on the show, they were formerly known as Rhythmix. Yes really. Rhythmix…

The six groups were all flown to Rome to take part in judges’ houses with Cheryl, where they were joined by guest judge Jess Glynne.

We’re already excited to watch judges’ houses! While also wishing we were on holiday in the sun *sigh*

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