Chloe Lloyd admits her and Union J boyfriend Josh Cuthbert can't get enough of the romance when together

Chloe Lloyd has been spotted looking VERY loved-up with Union J beau Josh Cuthbert and has confessed the pair are majorly ‘cringe’ in their relationship.

‘Josh is really romantic, but we’re equally romantic I think. We are like soppy freaks,’ Chloe says.

‘We’ve been together for nearly a year now, and even though we live together, we’re just having so much fun together right now. We are so cringe with each other.

‘I work a lot and I’m always travelling, so when we do get free time, we like to go out for dinner and then chill, like last night we watched about five episodes of True Detective last night until like, 4am.’

Awhh…the cute couple seem to be the real deal especially with the ‘Carry You’ hitmaker even coming along to Chloe’s family holiday.

‘Josh and I are going to Dubai again together and then I’m going away with my family, and Josh is meeting me there and joining us. We tend to always do holidays really last minute, we went to New York last week that was really spontaneous, I was there for work but he came with me. It was like the night before!’

Speaking out about how the Storm Model got that UH-MAZING body of her’s, the 22-year-old blonde admits she’s naturally slim but thinks she doesn’t go to the gym enough, so she suggests that Josh can be her personal trainer.

‘I’m quite lucky, I can eat quite a lot and stay quite slim, I can eat bad food but then I feel bad so I eat well. Chocolate is my vice, it’s my favorite thing, chocolate always, I love it.

‘I was once going to do a juice detox and literally like by the second juice I was like I’m hungry, I need food, i don’t really believe it those though.

‘I’m not a massive on keeping fit, I mean I’ve moved into an apartment with a gym there so I might start using it, well I’m always walking but I need to get on it more, I’m going to get a personal trainer .

‘Josh works out more than me so maybe he can train me!’

With all the emotional celebrity splits going on, it’s SO good to hear about a couple are in love!

New couple goals? We think so!

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