Even Chloe Madeley worries about her physique

She may be trim and toned, rocking a figure that most of us would kill for, but even Chloe Madeley has her body worries.

The 27-year-old daughter of famous TV couple, Richard and Judy, is renowned for her healthy lifestyle, often sharing photos of herself on social media in her gym gear, showing-off her incredible abs.

On Thursday though, Chloe revealed that even she has body worries. Yes, yes it’s true!

The fitness fanatic posted a photo of herself on Instagram in which she’s sat at a dressing table being glammed up for a photo shoot. Oh and her body is phenomenal, although Chloe wasn’t so sure. Next to the pic she wrote:

‘I was seriously worried as s**t for today’s photo shoot.
not as #lean as I have been recently and not having the best week in other respects to be honest…definitely had a drunken panic attack at about 430am this morning.
But off I went, stripped down, got my #flex on, looked hesitantly at the photog’s computer screen, and realised that I’m a total d**k.’

She continued:

‘So what if you’re not in the best shape of your life, or the best anything of your life?! It was THE BEST for a reason, it was impressive, so keep striving for it, and soon you’ll surpass it and be BETTER.
Be proud that you set the bar high, you’re awesome.’

Well, if Chloe ‘amazing body’ Madeley can have body worries, then we don’t feel so bad about our off days, where we stand in the mirror criticising ourselves.

The lean lady, who is currently dating England rubgy star, James Haskall, recently admitted that her work-outs have caused her to lose so much weight, she’s actually lost her curves.

After a recent holiday to Dubai with her boyfriend, Chloe, who runs her own website, Fitness Fondue, revealed:

‘I last weighed myself the morning of the holiday and I was 125lbs, which is the lowest I have ever been and probably the lowest I could ever hope to be.’

She added: ‘I had my abs, but I had totally lost my boobs and booty. A nice reminder that if aesthetics are your goal, sacrifices always have to be made!’

Well we reckon Chloe looks absolutely incredible!


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