Fitness guru Chloe Madeley talks cheat meals, marriage and bedroom antics!

She may be the daughter of TV sofa stars Richard and Judy, but 28-year-old fitness fanatic Chloe Madeley has made quite a name for herself with her fitness website and body transformation. When she’s not posting those incredible selfies or sharing hilarious anecdotes on Instagram, Ms Madeley is spotted out with her hot England rugby player boyfriend James Haskell, 30.
The couple, who’ve been together for nine months after meeting through social media, look like a match made in heaven. And while Chloe remains coy as to whether he’s ‘the one’, it’s clear she’s smitten.

Couple goals? Er, not quite. Here, she tells Now how they’re far from perfect!

Hey, Chloe! Your body is looking amazing right now!
Thanks. It does take a long f***ing time and a lot of hard work ­ then you take a look in the mirror and think: ‘That’s my body, oh my God!’

Do you struggle to stay in shape?
It kills me. I know girls who have abs and eat crisps every day. I’m just
like: ‘Oh, f*** you!¹ I’d kill for that. But then they hate the fact they have big hips, big bums or big thighs. I think no one gets off scot-free, everyone’s got something they have to work for.

You’re very loved-up with your boyfriend James. Do you think he’s ‘the one’?
We’re very happy, but how do people ever know that? I have no idea what’s going to happen next week, let alone a month, let alone next year. I think we’ve all been led to believe it’s this magical thing that happens. It doesn’t actually happen for most people [laughs].

With both of you having such good bodies, you must have a pretty impressive love life!
I got asked yesterday: ‘What’s James like in bed?’ That’s just the most inappropriate question! So I said: ‘Look at him. Close your eyes and think about it for a minute, then you¹ll have your answer.’ [Laughs] It really is that simple.

Does a healthy lifestyle mean better sex?
Yeah, definitely. Absolutely. The stronger you are, the fitter you are, the more body confident you are, ­ it’s all going to bode well or you behind closed doors.

If we had a body like yours, we’d be pretty confident!
Bouncing off the walls! No, I think it helps.

Could marriage be on the cards?
[Laughs] No, I’m a really big romantic and I definitely have a tendency to be that annoying girl who goes down that path mentally. But I’ve realised from my million other failed relationships that maybe it’s not the best way to go. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Have you approached this relationship differently to previous ones?
I’ve found my break-ups much more painful than my friends have found theirs to be. I think I’ve got it all on lockdown, then I’m very quickly and sternly reminded that anything can change. I think that’s why this relationship now with James is a lot happier because I’m not thinking like
that this time.

You’d be pretty chuffed if James proposed though, right?
We’re not there yet. We’re just not. Every girl has that romantic scenario in her head, but honestly I’m not a normal person [laughs]. If I start fantasising about anything at all, I spiral. Whether it’s eating chocolate or marrying my boyfriend, I go a bit mental!

How about kids?
[Pauses] I don’t have that burning urge yet. I hear it can happen to girls in their twenties or thirties. Right now, my goal in life is to get on the property ladder, which is what I’m halfway through doing. My second goal is to make money and travel.

Do you have a favourite thing to do with James at the weekends?
We’re really boring. We like to go and eat, just lie very still and watch films. We’ll go to really good health food restaurants and order everything on the menu.

You must have treat nights?
I had one last night. We went to The Big Easy on King’s Road in London and drank milkshakes and cocktails. I had jalapeño peppers, fries, cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese and red velvet cake.

Wow, really?
I have a bit of an issue with cheat night. I’ve got to a point that I eat so much walking to the car is really painful! I always used to leave a restaurant being full ­ normal full ­ but now…

…you’re rolling out the door?
Yeah, and that’s a bad relationship with food! It was wicked, though. Totally amazing.

We bet you still looked good, though! Does James compliment you a lot?
Yeah, he makes me feel very beautiful every day. It’s rare that I’ll ever walk into a room and not hear a completely genuine and unbelievably lovely few words from him. That’s one of the reasons why I love him so much. I didn’t know there were very many people out there like that ­ let alone
men! [Laughs]

Er, does he have a brother?
[Laughs] Don¹t be fooled by appearances ­ we do argue.

Do you?
Yeah, 100 per cent! We wanted to do a YouTube video about all those f***ing stupid couples who look really happy, like: ‘Couples who train together stay together.’ F*** that. If James and I trained together we’d kill each other. It’s completely fake. Don¹t buy into it.

What do you argue about?
I’ve definitely argued with him before when he¹s been like: ‘I don’t think you should eat that cake.’ And I’m like: ‘F*** you!’

I need that, though, because it keeps me focused.

Have you ever tried to get your parents into fitness?
I tried to get them to eat healthier and cut out things like white bread, white wine and stuff but my parents are very stuck in their ways and they don’t really want to listen. They don’t really care and I don’t want to be preachy.

Do they try to feed you up?
It’s so annoying. Dad comes in and offers me wine and I’m like: ‘F*** off,
I can’t have any wine!’ But all you want to do is say yes.

Chloe’s body selfie secrets!
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‘I flex my arse off ­ when I’m lying in a starfish position on my bed because I’m exhausted after the day, I’m not really ripped.’

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‘If you stumble into good lighting, bank a selfie. Really, I do it all the time!’



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