But singer says band make up after 20 minutes


Chris Martin says Coldplay have disbanded seven times – and that’s just on their current tour.

But the singer insists the group, including Jonny Buckland, 31, Guy Berryman and Will Champion, both 30, quickly resolve their differences.

‘We have split up on this tour,’ he says. ‘Every time we do, we get back together about 20 minutes later – we don’t even have time to announce it!

‘How many times has it happened this tour? Probably six or seven.

‘Each time we say, “This is it! This is the last show!” But then you have a fun show and everyone shuts up.’

Chris, 31, often feels like jacking it in when Coldplay get a poor review.  

‘To be honest, whenever we have any bad news, I always quit for about 10 minutes,’ he tells the Daily Mirror.

‘I get depressed about something – a gig didn’t go well or that person said something terrible.

‘But then the rest of the band will say, “It’s OK, we’ll carry on”.’

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