Christina Aguilera shuns take-aways because she's scared she'll have a heart attack

Christina Aguilera has given up junk food – because she’s paranoid she will have a heart attack.

The ‘Dirty’ singer is a self-confessed junk food addict, but insists she only eats it very rarely as she’s too worried about the health implications.

She told TV Hits magazine: ‘I’m a junk food lover but I’ve had to curb that quite a bit since I’m not a teenager any more. I think it’s important to take care of yourself, especially as a woman. Mostly I think it’s really about cutting down so you don’t get heart disease or cancer or anything like that.’

Christina, 25, who’s married to music executive Jordan Bratman, puts herself through a gruelling exercise regime and sticks to a reasonably strict diet to make sure she doesn’t get fat.

She added: ‘I’m just trying to take care of myself, trying to get as much rest as possible, exercising every day and being healthy and getting my beauty sleep. I do a lot of weight training and some cardio – I like feeling strong.’