Christine Bleakley reckons Frank Lampard is a brilliant netball player...

Random sport fact of the day: Christine Bleakley has revealed that fiancé Frank Lampard has a secret talent for netball!

The TV presenter watched footballer Frank, 36, get into the sport after he started playing with his daughters Luna, 9, and Isla, 7, who he had with ex-girlfriend Elen Rivas.

‘For the youngest’s 7th birthday we bought her a netball net, so I have completely got them into netball and they love it,’ says Christine, 35. ‘That’s what they are doing right now, playing netball in the garden with Frank.

‘He’s surprisingly good, although he classes it more as basketball. I think he’s trying to make it sound more manly!

‘He always says: “Let’s go and play basketball,” and the girls go: “Dad, it’s netball!”‘

Athletic Christine likes to keep active too and enjoys working out with Frank. ‘But we’re clearly in different leagues!’ the TV star says. ‘We do a lot of core exercises together. He basically teaches me and shows me a lot of stuff he does in training.

‘It’s like having a personal trainer! He is brilliant – I’ve learnt a lot from him in the gym. It’s harder in the football season but in the summer we go together all the time and we do late-night runs as well.’

Frank is clearly good at spurring Christine on.

The Northern Irish presenter confesses that she prefers to work out with other people as it stops her from getting demotivated.

‘I enjoy exercise but I’m not always good at motivating myself,’ she explains. ‘But on those days I go to a class – I’m quite good in the company of others.’

Luckily, Christine and Frank don’t seem to have any problems when it comes to getting Luna and Isla excited about sports.

‘Fortunately they take after their dad on the sporty side!’ says Christine.

‘We go to the park a lot and they got bikes for Christmas.’

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