Christine and Frank Lampard married in December 2015

If you ever have the opportunity to ask Christine Lampard one question, here’s a heads-up – make sure that it’s NOT about children, and the fact that she doesn’t have any yet…she’s had enough!

Christine (formerly Bleakley) has spoken out frankly about her married life with footballer Frank Lampard, and although they’re having a lovely time, it seems as if she’s rightly out of patience with the ‘kids’ question.

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Featuring on Tuesday’s (25th October) edition of Loose Women, she expressed her frustrations to the panel, and as a 37-year-old woman in her first year of marriage, with no biological children, there seems to only be one question that people have on their minds.

‘Oddly enough at 37, if you don’t have babies, it’s all I get asked,’ the TV presenter told hosts June Sarpong, Gloria Hunniford and Coleen Nolan.

‘Firstly it’s: “Oh you’re 37! No babies yet?” That’s a really big question. It doesn’t bother me really but it’s something I would never ask another girl.

‘Purely because I have so many friends who have been through terrible struggles to have little babies and you just don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors and what’s going on in other people’s lives.

Loose Women, 25th October 2016

Loose Women, 25th October 2016

‘It’s a question I would never ask anyone but I get asked it loads.’

Too right, Christine! Yet it seems that she’s not t a loss for young people in her life in the slightest – Frank has two daughters from his previous marriage to Elen Rivas, and she claims that more than being a ‘replacement mum’ of sorts, her step-mothering role is more of a fun big sister:

‘Being a step parent oddly enough I’ve always taken the role of a big sister, they’ve got a mummy and daddy and I’m not there to do that, so I’m there as a bit of a big sister.’

Sounds like the ideal compromise! Christine and Frank, 38, have been married since December 2015, after dating since 2009.