'Cilla Black was a daughter of Liverpool and was celebrated and loved by all in Liverpool,' said the coroner


Singer Cilla Black died from a traumatic head injury after an accidental fall, an inquest has ruled.

During a 20-minute hearing at Liverpool Coroner’s Court, Andre Robello described how Cilla’s eldest son Robert discovered his mum on the terrace of her Costa del Sol villa in Estepona at 5.30pm on August 1.

Andre deemed her death ‘unnatural.’ ‘She had fallen and had struck her head and this traumatic head injury had resulted in her death. She was certified having died by emergency services at 6.10pm,’ he said, adding that the tumble was unwitnessed.

During the inquest, the coroner referred to the star by her real name Priscilla Maria Veronica Willis. He told Robert along with Cilla’s two other sons, Ben, 41 and Jack, 35 that their mum should be remembered ‘for this generation and future generations yet to come.’

‘She’s your mum and her death is a very private and personal matter. We’ve all got one mum and it is right that you grieve and you remember. Far more important is that you celebrate her life,’ he said.

He continued: ‘She was a daughter of Liverpool and was celebrated and loved by all in Liverpool. That will be part of her abiding memory and memorial.’

He concluded: ‘You will have personal and private memories of her as a mum, it is these memories, the normal family events, the loved shared and the love given, which will be her abiding memory for this generation and future generations yet to be born. Continue to celebrate her life and ensure you’ll be given privacy to come to terms with this tragic loss.’

The 72-year-old entertainer’s funeral will take place next Thursday at St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Liverpool. Following her funeral, the singer will be laid to rest at Allerton Cemetery, where her parents are buried.

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