WORLD EXCLUSIVE The 1D hottie opens up about crazy rumours

One Direction were formed on The X Factor 2010 and have now taken over the world.

Zayn MalikLiam Payne, Niall Horan, all 19, Louis Tomlinson, 20, and Harry Styles, 18, are having a great time touring and are totally united.

So why are there rumours going around that Zayn will be the first band member to leave 1D?

‘I’m not one to get involved with what anyone says about me,’ the Bradford hottie tells Now’s Dan Wootton.

‘When people are putting pressure on me I just completely ignore it.

‘I have fun with the lads and do what I’ve got to do.

‘One Direction is the main thing I’m doing and I’m 100 per cent dedicated to the group.

‘I’m just as involved as everyone else.

‘I don’t have any plans to leave any time soon.’

Could Zayn see himself still in the band in 10 years’ time?

‘Yeah, definitely,’ he insists.

‘We want to stick together as a group for as long as people are supporting us and listening to our music.

‘You know, in the future who knows what’s going to happen?

‘Two years ago, if anyone had told me I’d be doing half the stuff I’m doing, I wouldn’t have believed it.’

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