Des puts fans' minds at rest

Harry Styles‘ dad Des has reassured fans that the One Direction singer isn’t a smoker.

Des joked that Harry, 20, would rather get his kicks from eating bananas than lighting up when a Directioner Tweeted him to check his son is tobacco-free yesterday.

‘Does Harry smoke or does e get high on bananas and bananas only?’ Tweeted the Directioner.

Des replied: ‘No, never, ever, just the bananas! X.’

It’s well-known that Harry likes to snack on bananas – he’s previously shared photos of the yellow fruit on Twitter and his pal Nick Grimshaw was once snapped buying him one.

The devotee’s question likely came due to a shock video of 1D‘s Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik appearing to toke on a rolled-up joint in Peru, which emerged on Tuesday.

The group’s admirers are very pleased with Des‘s insistence that Harry has no interest in marijuana.

‘phew ,’ Tweeted one.

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