As Russell Brand slams their sex life AGAIN, why is he so intent on hurting Katy Perry?

Despite being an international sex symbol, Katy Perry clearly wasn’t enough to keep rampant ex-husband Russell Brand interested between the sheets. 

On his latest tour the 38-year-old comedian lashes out 
at Katy, 28, saying 
he found sleeping 
with her so boring, he had to fantasise about 
other women.

The lothario said: ‘I’d be 
having sex thinking: “Think 
of anyone, anyone else.”

‘When you’re a monk, you’re not allowed to have sex with anyone.

‘When you’re married, it’s one person.

‘That’s one more than a monk. 

‘It’s not that different.’

This latest incident has 
left many baffled as to why 
he seems intent on provoking 
his ex-wife.

Could it be that 
he isn’t actually over her?

‘It seems strange Russell keeps dragging it up,’ says a source.

‘It’s odd to keep referring to their short time together in such rude, obnoxious terms.

‘He must realise 
it’ll get back to her.’

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