Justin is handed 140 hours of unpaid community service

Justin Lee Collins has been found guilty of harassment against his former partner Anna Larke.

The TV funnyman, 38, was sentenced to 140 hours of community service at St Albans Crown Court yesterday and ordered to pay £3,500 legal costs.

‘This is a serious matter. It’s serious because any violence in a relationship where people should be able to rely on each other is a breach of trust,’ said Judge John Plumstead.

‘This is humbling work for someone who lives a prominent public life, but the very humility that manual work will induce will make you pause and think about what you have done.’

During the trial, Anna, 38, claimed that Justin had hit her and called her names such as ‘a fat f***ing dog’.

She also said he made her write down her previous sexual encounters in a Pukka pad and throw away DVDs that featured actors she fancied.

Anna‘s family said they were ‘absolutely ecstatic’ at the verdict.

‘We are relieved the jury were able to see through the lies of an abuser,’ a statement reads.

‘We will not rest on our laurels in the wake of this good news and intend to go out into the world to empower women to stand up to domestic abuse.’

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