The One Direction singer likes to hear his pet bark

Liam Payne hasn’t forgotten his dog Loki while away on One Direction‘s Where We Are tour.

The singer, 20, is currently busy in South America but his older sister Ruth reassured fans at the weekend that he’s been in contact with adorable Loki since jetting off last month.

‘does loki misses liam ?’ Tweeted a Directioner.

Ruth replied: ‘yhh but he spoke to liam on speakerphone the other day so they keep in touch :).’

Wolverhampton-born Liam became dad to Loki last March and Ruth, 23, often takes care of the pooch at the Paynes‘ family home while he’s away working.

Devotees are always keen to hear how the mutt is doing and animal lover Ruth often lets them know what antics Loki has been up to.

‘Haha lokis just run off with my mums shoe – this is his ‘ i dnt care face ‘ hahaha he cracks me up #crazylilman,’ Tweeted Ruth last week, along with a sweet photo of the creature.

On Sunday, she captioned an Instagram video of Loki and her other dog Brit: ‘they sure do like there sunday playing , loki concentrating on breaking his toy and brit concentrating on being noisy .’

Watch Liam Payne‘s dog Loki playing with pooch Brit

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Anna Duff