Lily thinks women have the right to decide


Lily Allen has sparked a debate over abortion time limits on Twitter.

The singer told her followers that she thinks women ‘have the right to choose’ at what point they have a termination after Heath Secretary Jeremy Hunt backed a reduction in the legal time limit from 24 to 12 weeks.

‘Can small minded idiot blokes stop telling women whether or not they’re entitled to abortions please ? #enoughnow,’ Tweeted Lily, 27.

‘The day the number of single father households equal the number of single mother households is the day I start to listen to their views.’

After her opinions were blasted by a number of angry Twitter users, Lily – who’s currently pregnant with her and husband Sam Cooper‘s second child together – went on to argue that 24-week-old babies ‘rarely survive’ if born naturally.

She also re-Tweeted a comment saying that children who are born to parents who didn’t necessarily want them end up ‘simmering with hurt and neglect.’

‘The lady gets very sad and feels very alone and angry and even though she loves her baby more than anything …………,’ Tweeted Lily.

‘She wonders what her life might have been like if she had never had the baby in the first place.’

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