Pete wishes he'd been picked for The Bachelor

Peter Andre wishes he’d been picked instead of Gavin Henson as the star of reality TV show The Bachelor.

The Mysterious Girl singer is jealous that Gavin, who split from Charlotte Church last year, will have his pick of the ladies on the Channel 5 dating programme.

‘He’s such a great guy but what I want to know is, how did he get to be on The Bachelor instead of me?’ asks Pete, 38.

‘I need a girlfriend, too, you know!’

Pete may be envious of Gavin‘s TV opportunity but rugby star Gav is in awe of the singer.

‘That guy inspired me when I was a kid,’ Gavin, 29, told us recently.

‘I think I was about 14 when Mysterious Girl came out – he’s a hero of mine.

‘I had the chance to meet him on Strictly Come Dancing. 
I said hello – that was all I could muster.

‘I was totally blown away, in shock and in awe of the guy.

‘Afterwards I was gutted I could only get one word out.’

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