The comic has a soft spot for footballer David

Russell Brand has confessed that he’s been fantasising about David Beckham‘s body.

The comic told fans at a gig in LA that he can’t stop thinking about the footballer’s impressive toned abs in the publicity shots for his collection with H&M.

David Beckham is a god. Just look at him in those underwear ads. I’m not gay but I would eat food off his body,’ said Russell, 37.

‘Preferably something that needs to be mopped up, like eggs. I’d eat it off his stomach.’

David‘s tum isn’t the only thing that’s been lingering on Russell‘s mind.

The former heroin and sex addict has been clean since leaving rehab nine years ago but he hasn’t lost his cravings.

‘I think about drugs and shagging all the time,’ said Russell.

‘If I’m not thinking about drugs, I’m thinking about shagging or thinking about taking drugs and then having sex while high.’

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Anna Duff