In part two of our engagement special, Dan Osborne admits he's broken all the rules with his 'rock and best friend' Jacqueline Jossa

Last week, Dan Osborne exclusively revealed all the romantic details of his proposal to actress girlfriend Jacqueline Jossa on their first family holiday with four-month-old daughter Ella in Greece. Dan, 23, told how he got down on bended knee in front of a boat with a banner that read ‘Will you marry me?’ with 40 of Jacqueline’s family and friends to witness it.

Now, in the second part of his interview, Dan hits back at those who say marriage and children are too much, too young for him and his new fiancée and reveals how Jacqueline, 22, has changed him for the better.

Dan, what does Jacqueline mean to you?

She’s always been my rock and my best friend. I want her with me all the time. If we have arguments, they’re always really silly and forgotten about in two minutes ­ she just goes: ‘I love you!’ and I go: ‘I love you too, babe!’ [Laughs] She means everything to me. I’m only going to get married once and I want it to be with someone I really want to spend my whole life with. She’s absolutely great with my son Teddy and she’s an amazing person.

Do you ever worry you’re too young to get married?

Some people probably think that, but I’m a family person. I don’t think age matters. If you find the person you want to spend your life with, why wait another 20 years just so you’re old enough? I know I want to be with Jacqueline for the rest of my life and I want to get married young. We’ve
already had a child before marriage, so we might as well break another rule and marry young. We don’t feel too young to get married. I’ve got two children now ­ most 23-year-olds want to go out partying but I’m not into that. When a person is right for you, you just know.

Have your friends from TOWIE sent their congratulations?

Yeah, Ricky [Rayment], Mario [Falcone] and Georgia [Kousoulou] did. [James] Lockie hasn’t been in touch because I think he’s going through some shit at the moment. Last time I spoke to him, he was thinking of proposing to Danielle [Armstrong], but now they’ve split up and he’s moved out of their house.

Will your children Teddy and Ella have roles at the wedding?
Yes, Teddy will be the ring bearer and Ella will be a flower girl. Jacqueline wants eight adults as bridesmaids and three children. She can’t name them yet, just in case any of them change [laughs]!

How would you say Jacqueline’s changed you?

She brings out the good in me. I’m always happy and smiling with her. I feel like that every day that I’m with her.

When you look at her, how do you feel?
So happy, every day. I tell her how beautiful she looks every single morning. She goes: ‘What? How can you say that?’ I prefer her without make-up in her pyjamas ­ I’m like: ‘Aww, there she is.’

Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne’s unseen engagement photos

Amy Brookbanks