James Bond is back, and Daniel Craig is smouldering as always

The new trailer for Spectre, which will be released on October 26, is full of everything you’d expect from a Bond flick – Daniel Craig looking chiselled, explosions, snogging, and lots of meaningful looks.

Here’s what we learnt when we watched it…


1. It seems to start with a giant Halloween party


Despite the October release, this isn’t Halloween. James Bond has been in Mexico, and this is a parade for the tradition Day Of The Dead festival. Cheery.


2. The meaningful look game is strong

look gif 1

Daniel Craig doesn’t waste any time unleashing the Bond shade.


3. Bond means business

walking gif

You wouldn’t mess with that walk.


4. Things Daniel Craig looks menacing in #1: A puffer jacket

Daniel Craig, James Bond, Spectre

Looking serious while also dressed like the Michelin Man is a pretty impressive skill to have.


5. There’s romance

Daniel Craig, Monica Bellucci, James Bond, Spectre

And that’s before a minute of the trailer has passed. Bond is unzipping this lady’s dress at a mere 53 seconds in. The lady is Lucia Sciarra (Monica Bellucci), and Bond shot her husband. That’s one way for him to apologise…



James Bond, Ben Whishaw, Q

Ben Whishaw is back as Q, and he’s looking as University Challenge as ever.


7. Things Daniel Craig looks menacing in #2: A tuxedo

James Bond, Daniel Craig, Spectre

Dressed for dinner but still need to give evils? No problem.


8. Sometimes, Bond and his buddies do meaningful looks in unison.

James Bond, Daniel Craig, Spectre

Not content with one bloke giving a death stare? Here are five.


9. There is a shiny, fast, sporty car.

James Bond, Spectre, Daniel Craig, action, car

Because of course there is. We’d also put money on it flying/exploding/driving through water at some point during the film.


10. Things Daniel Craig looks menacing in #3: Sunglasses

Daniel Craig, James Bond, Spectre

Need to throw shade but protect your eyes from UV rays? Craig’s got it covered.


11. There’s MORE romance

James Bond, Daniel Craig, Spectre

Not content with his earlier tryst with Lucia Sciarra, Bond also gets his lips around another brunette. Has no-one told him about Tinder?


12. There are 15 meaningful looks in two minutes.

James Bond, Daniel Craig, Ben Whishaw, Spectre

We counted. You’re welcome.

Watch the full trailer below

Thea de Gallier

7 things you need to know about Spectre, the new James Bond movie