WARNING - this video ain't for the faint-hearted

Danielle Lloyd has taken pretty drastic measures to shape up as her latest Instagram video proves…

The mum-of-three posted a graphic clip of herself having a fat-freezing treatment on Tuesday and – be warned – it sure ain’t for the faint-hearted. In fact you should probably look away if you’re eating right now.


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Danielle, 32, is seen having fat from her tummy treated by a suction tube in the 3D liposuction procedure, which apparently causes the fat cells in the area to ‘die and dissolve’.

‘❄️❄️❄️❄️cool as ice #fatfreeze @macaesthetics,’ the reality star captioned the footage.

❄️❄️❄️❄️cool as ice #fatfreeze @macaesthetics @3dlipo

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According to Mac Aesthetics’ website, 3D lipo ‘safe’, ’non-invasive’ and ‘pain free’ but this didn’t stop Danielle’s followers from reacting with alarm to the clip.

‘what the hell is happening here???’ one follower wrote, whilst another commented: ‘Hun your slim enough you don’t need to do this !!!’

Danielle quickly hit back at the critics though and hinted that it was cruel jibes from trolls about her weight that influenced her to have the treatment.

‘U know what people slating me I can’t win a few days ago everyone saying I looked pregnant just me a break!!!’ the TV star wrote in the comments sections.

Danielle’s mum Jackie also intervened and stood up for her daughter, adding: ‘at least @MissDLloyd doesn’t go to head places and then pretend she has lots weight by diet as all the other celebs do

‘she is honest not like other celebs rightly or wrongly or if you agree or disagree she is honest!’

After hearing her trolling revelation many fans showed their support for Danielle.

‘Youll never win @missdlloyd there will always be people desperate to bring you down,’ one admirer posted. ‘I think you look fab and should carry on doing what makes you happy’

Another said: ‘Danielle is beautiful, there will always be jealous people with nothing better to do than hate on others’

Getting picked on about her weight isn’t the only drama Danielle has faced recently.

Last week the former glamour model gave further details of the moment she and fiance Michael O’Neil were the victims of a frightening dog attack and admitted that it still haunts her.

‘‘I was petrified as I could hear the dog going wild and Michael’s screams and shouts,’ she told OK! magazine. ‘But couldn’t see properly what was happening.

‘He’s my hero. I was so, so scared.’