BB housemate desperate to make things work with boyfriend

Danielle Lloyd is desperately trying to save her relationship with footballer Teddy Sheringham.

The 23-year-old left the Big Brother house on Sunday amidst rumours that the West Ham star, 40, was going to dump her over her behaviour on the show.

‘I haven’t been able to speak to him yet,’ she said during an interview on This Morning yesterday. ‘Obviously, we have a lot to talk about and we’ll take things from there.’

But she says she hopes they do have a future together – especially after she discovered the dozens of messages he’d left on her phone during her time in the house.

She said: ‘He’d written things like, “Day 23 in the Big Brother house. I really miss you and I wish you knew what was happening in the outside world. I really love you and I feel really bad about what’s happening. I’m so sorry”.’

And Danielle added: ‘In my heart of hearts I knew Teddy wouldn’t dump me over this. He knows the real me. He knows I’m not a racist.’