The EastEnders star has been defending Dani

Danny Dyer has leapt to the defence of his daughter Dani after her involvement in THAT Mark Wright spat drew criticism on Twitter.

The actor’s 20-year-old girl watched the whole incident at V Festival play out, with five of Mark’s mates apparently getting in a scrap with Danny, and she confessed on Instagram earlier this week that she’d been shouting insults about Mark beforehand.


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‘I admit I was shouting that mark Wright is a c***,’ she said in the post.

‘Because his silly mates thought it was okay to barge past my dad knowing he was drunk, my heart is broken as I witnessed the whole thing.’

Dani has since received some harsh remarks on social media suggesting she might have started it all, with one comment reading: ‘You and your family should sort this out discreetly and not out (sic) it all over Twitter. Your parents Should be ashamed swearing’

Now Danny, 39, has stepped in and clarified that he’s still as proud of aspiring actress Dani as ever.

‘Go away busy b****cks. Leave the kid alone,’ the EastEnders star Tweeted in response to the message.

‘It’s hard being discreet when you’re famous. I’m not ashamed. NEVER.’


He also stressed that he’s ready to move on from the whole debacle earlier in the day by Tweeting: ‘Love will always prevail.

‘Through all the b****cks. Enjoy this beautiful new Sunny day. I’m feeling good.’

Dani is continuing to stick up for herself too.

‘Just want everyone to chill today,’ she posted on Twitter on Tuesday. ‘I am not in the media to be spread around with rumours. I just want to succeed with my acting.

‘It is horrible everyone having opinions and trying to say I’m foul mouthed. I have never been one to start a fight I just am protective.’

She also warned trolls that she’d be taking action against them.

‘Whoever is gonna send me nasty comments your just going to get blocked,’ the actress said. ‘So keep your meaningless comments to yourself.’