But comedian says Russell Brand is more of a commitment phobe than him

David Walliams enjoys talking to pal Russell Brand about dating.

The Little Britain star, 37, admits they both struggle to commit.

‘When I meet up with Russell Brand, we have these chats about relationships, and misery,’ he says.

‘I think of him as a more extreme case than me, but he always says: “Ooh, don’t make me get into that bed on my own! You’re not going to make me get into that bed alone, are you?”

‘There are lots of issues around sex that are not really about sex, they’re about loneliness. They’re about being sad and lost and those kind of things. But he’s got a nice girlfriend now, so perhaps there’s hope for all of us.’

David isn’t sure he’ll ever find ‘the one’ – or even if he really wants to – but isn’t planning on becoming an ageing lothario.

‘I don’t want to end up like Peter Stringfellow,’ he tells Observer Woman.

‘Secretly, I must just not like the idea of settling down, otherwise it would happen. I’m just making excuses.

‘It’s like Larkin said: it’s easier to imagine [happiness] than to experience it.’

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Alison Adey