The TV presenter bares all in a conversation with comedian John Bishop

Aside from her sparkling wit and superior presenting skills, one of the things that makes Davina McCall one of the nation’s best-loved public figures is her sense of honesty about some of the more taxing issues she’s faced in life.

From going through counselling with husband Matthew Robertson, to her troubled relationship with her late mother, Davina has consistently told her truth to the public – and in a frank new chat, she’s spoken out about the moment she decided to quit drugs.

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Davina has been open about the fact that she suffered from a drug problem in her early twenties throughout her career – but managed to turn it all around and kickstart her hosting career with a job on MTV. However, in a televised chat on John Bishop‘s In Conversation With…, she revealed that it was the stern words of a close friend that motivated her to make a change.

‘I’d lost all the good people,’ the mum-of-three admitted.

‘There was one person left, and she was the one that said to me in the end, “Look, we’re all talking about you. You think you’ve got this kind of mask up and you’re kidding us all, but you’re not.

‘”We all know that you’re a junkie and we all know you’re taking heroin or we all know that you’re, you know, you’re lying to us the whole time. And I’m not going to stand around and watch it anymore.”‘

Davina McCall (Photo by ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

The Long Lost Family presenter went on to reveal that her friend’s use of ‘tough love’ to show Davina her need to change was initially difficult to deal with – and she didn’t react well:

‘She said, “I’ve had enough.” And she’d been so there for me the whole time, I just thought she was going to be the one constant. And when she said, “That’s it,” I was devastated. Course, I swore at her a lot and got out the car, slammed the door!’

Elsewhere in the revealing chat, Davina, 49, spoke about her father, Andrew McCall, and his diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease. Though she describes the condition as a ‘darkness’, she’s still optimistic about her dad’s future.

‘But I look at my Dad and I see such hope and, um, such positivity and each hurdle we’ll cross when we get to it… he’s a real inspiration and I hope he can be for other people too.’