Dawn French's new love admits he's never seen her perform


Dawn French‘s new man Mark Bignell has never seen her on screen.

Despite the fact that Dawn has starred in TV classics including French And Saunders, The Vicar Of Dibley and Murder Most Horrid, Mark has missed every performance.

‘I’m not boasting, but you’d actually have to have not watched television for the past 20 years to have avoided me,’ says Dawn.

‘And he’d managed to do just that.’

Dawn, 55, met Mark, 49, through her mum Rona after splitting with husband-of-24-years Lenny Henry.

Rona and Mark co-founded Hamoaze House, a charity that helps people to recover from alcohol and drug addictions.

‘His work is quiet and understated – and it’s best it that remains like that,’ Dawn tells Saga magaine.

‘He’s a trained therapist who has worked a lot with young people.

‘He didn’t ask to get caught up in my world – and what it involves in terms of media scrutiny.

‘He sort of knew who I was.

‘He’s encouraging and supportive, but my job doesn’t mean any more to him than anyone else’s.’

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