Actress and husband Ashton Kutcher hoping for a baby

Demi Moore has revealed that she and Ashton Kutcher long for a bigger family.

The actress, 46, is already mum to daughters Rumer, 20, Scout LaRue, 17, and Tallulah Belle, 14, with ex-husband Bruce Willis, 53.

But she’d love to have a baby with Ashton, 30.

‘We’d be delighted if it happened,’ she says. ‘We are doing lots of practising. And you can’t complain about practising with him!’

Demi, who split from Bruce 8 years ago, says it’s taken time for Ashton to be accepted into the family.

‘It wasn’t automatic or easy,’ she tells the Daily Record.

‘It took effort and a lot of giving on my part and Bruce’s part. And really, tremendously on Ashton’s part.

‘Coming into my life, Ashton just wasn’t meeting somebody that had baggage. I had trunks!’

Aliso Adey

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