The Waterloo Road strips down to show off her progress - good on her!


Regardless of your body type, it can take a lot of confidence to wear a bikini – especially when at an A-list filled, infamously image-conscious music festival.

And then, it takes even more guts to take a picture and put yourself out there for the world at large to see – so we salute Denise Welch for showing her fans her fantastic weight-loss, all the way from Coachella!

The former Loose Women panellist has been in the California valleys for the past few days, in support of her son, Matt Healy of band The 1975, and she took to Twitter to share a happy picture of herself in her swimwear.

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‘Hope you’re proud of me @LighterLifeFast @53Marathons !!! The portions here are huge!!!!! x’ she wrote, attaching a half-and-half shot of herself in workout gear and in her bikini.

‘Denise you look fab!’ and ‘Blooming well done girl!! You look amazing!’ are some of the supportive comments from fans, and we can’t can’t help agreeing – clearly America’s generous-sized food portions hasn’t affected her!

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Since 2013, the actress and TV personality has been using LighterLife to lose weight and then keep it at a level she’s happiest with. Last month, she’d shared pictures of her body as she prepared for her US trip:

And now she’s reached Coachella, she seems to be having an amazing time! At the end of the first weekend of events on Sunday, she shared pictures with her husband, Lincoln Townley, declaring: ‘Well we survived our first Coachella!! Deserted by the kids after 3 minutes of course!!! xx’.

Lovely stuff – send us a postcard, Denise!