Despite losing 5st, former Steps singer Claire Richards is facing baby heartache

Claire Richards became as well-known for her fluctuating weight as for being part of 90s pop group Steps. And while it looks as though the healthy size 10 star is finally happy with her body, there’s still one struggle she’s facing.

Already parents to seven-year-old Charlie and five-year-old Daisy, Claire and her husband Reece Hill, 47, are desperate to Charlie and five-year-old Daisy, Claire and her husband Reece Hill, 47, are desperate to add to their brood. And despite Claire’s weight loss, the 37-year-old is finding it difficult to conceive baby No 3.

A source says: ‘Claire’s still not pregnant, which is upsetting for her. She really thought that when she lost all the weight, that would be it – but it hasn’t happened for her yet.’

Speaking candidly in an interview earlier this year, Claire admitted: ‘The reason I’m this size is that 
I want another baby more than I want cake.’ Claire, who lost an impressive 5st, revealed that doctors warned her she’d have to lose weight and keep it off if she wanted to fall pregnant again. And as her struggle continues, she hasn’t ruled out the helping hand of IVF.

Claire said recently:‘I had no idea 
that being overweight was causing my fertility problems. We’ve talked about IVF – which I’m beginning to fear might be our only hope – but I’m not sure yet if I want to put us through what could be a lot 
of heartache for nothing.’

Claire decided to set the record straight about her dramatic weight loss on Loose Women last year, when she said: ‘My husband Reece and I decided that we want to try for another baby and me being overweight was causing us a lot of problems. I went to see the doctor and he advised that I lose weight. So that’s the one and only reason why I’ve done 
it this time.

Claire added: ‘I’m not bringing out a fitness DVD, I’m not doing some miracle diet, I don’t have the secret to weight loss and staying slim – I clearly haven’t because I’ve been up 
and down so many times.’

The singer’s never been shy about discussing her body battles, and over the years has yo-yoed between a size 8 and a size 20. After leaving Steps, she was a 
slim 9 ½st. However, the weight gradually crept on, ending up at 16½st at her heaviest.

Writing about her eating issues in her tell-all autobiography All Of Me: My Story, she confessed: 
‘I have an emotional connection to food. Food for me is almost like a drug. I get an instant gratification from it but it doesn’t last very long. So then I have to find the next thing to eat to satisfy my craving. You could compare it to being a drug addict or an alcoholic.’

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Kelly Allen