After blabbing her engagement news, Chris Evans hints at another Alex Jones bombshell

Just two months after he broke the news of her engagement, Chris Evans has fuelled speculation that The One Show‘s Alex Jones is pregnant.

Cheeky Chris hinted that the Welsh presenter might be expecting during his Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 when he told his listeners that Alex, 38, isn’t drinking at the moment.

There was a pause before Chris, 49, said: ‘Think about it!’ Cue MAJOR awkwardness in the studio…

Fans who were listening in picked up on the hint and were quick to discuss it on social media.

One directly Tweeted Alex and asked: ‘@MissAlexjones chris evans just basically suggested that your pregnant. Any truth in this?’

Alex hasn’t responded to the rumours but Chris – who presents The One Show with her on Friday nights – has got history when it comes to blabbing her exciting news.

In February the red-haired presenter dropped a massive hint on the radio that Alex had got engaged to long-term boyfriend Charlie Thompson and that she’d announce it on the show that evening.

The prediction turned out to be correct as Alex and New Zealander Charlie appeared on the famous sofa to confirm that they’d be tying the knot. But is there now a baby on the way?

Chris might have suggested that Alex has given up booze but we’re wondering if he’s got his facts right. Earlier this week the newly-engaged star told her Twitter fans about an event she’d been to where it sounds like she had a bit of wine.

‘Local auction was fantastic. Some great furniture and a glass of rose, a perfect night out,’ she Tweeted on Tuesday.

The hint dropped by Chris isn’t the only time recently that fans have wondered if Alex might be expecting though. Earlier this week one avid viewer of The One Show even thought that the continuity person had dropped a hint!

‘Did the Channel announcer just imply Alex Jones might be pregnant? #TheOneShow,’ she Tweeted.

Let’s hope that Alex sets the record straight when she hosts the show with Chris this evening…

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