What a mess!

Someone is accusing Honey G of STEALING their work!

That’s right, someone actually wants to lay claim to stuff Honey G has performed. Think about that for a second.

DJ Talent, of 2009 Britain’s Got Talent fame, claims that The X Factor star’s trademark, ‘When I say Honey, you say G’ is actually ripping off his own, ‘When I say Britain, you say Talent.’

The DJ told The Sun: ‘Honey G has stolen the lyrics from my work. You have ripped off my chorus and my hook.’


He added: ‘I wrote that track from my heart. It was for the people of Great Britain and the nation. It’s been on telly for 16 million people, it’s been played in Wembley Arena.

‘It’s been all over the newspapers.’

On the live show, Honey G performed her own version of 2Pac’s California Love with her own chant in between. Which seemed to annoy Mr DJ Talent…

And some viewers were outraged that she managed to avoid the sing off, with Saara Aalto facing off against Brattavio.

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However, we’re sorry to be the ones to break it to him, but he absolutely didn’t invent call and response in songs otherwise every other DJ on the planet are out of business.

Still, this could create one of the biggest cross-reality feuds of all time. With Honey G creating waves all around the world – including Snoop Dogg – maybe DJ Talent better watch out!