We're taking pity on Kim Kardashian after her teen video leaked, by sharing some of our own humiliating teen moments

Kim Kardashian turned 34 this week and what better way to celebrate than with some ritual humiliation, right?

US show Entertainment Tonight dug out a home video of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star as a teenager. In it, we see a very exuberant teen Kim, dancing around, saying not at all embarrassing things to the camera like, ‘I’m so popular and everybody loves me’, and, ‘When I’m famous and old you’ll remember me as this beautiful little girl!’ And our personal favourite, ‘I’m the dopest of the ropest person in this class. I’m dope on a rope’.

Here is 13-year-old Kim herself to explain what the dope on a rope thing means (disclaimer: you will be none the wiser after her explanation).

Fairly unsurprisingly, everyone has been mercilessly mocking Kim over the video, which also features momager Kris Jenner, and big sister Kourtney doing their own bit of cool-person dancing.

But before you get your judgey hat on like everyone else, maybe it’s time to remember that we all did horribly embarassing stuff as a 90s teen too. Like…

1.   Had actual, out-loud conversations in your empty bedroom with your boyfriend Justin Timberlake from *NSync (remember that guy? Whatever happened to him?).
2.   Made chokers out of bits of dress, because everyone else had one and your mum thought it was an ‘unnecessary expense’ (you will never be forgiven, Mum).
3.   Argued over who had to be Sporty Spice when you were divvying up Spice Girl roles (NO I WANT TO BE GINGER)
4.   Knew the entire dance routine to Whigfield’s Saturday Night (after you learnt it from watching Top of the Pops).
5.   Sometimes cried because you didn’t know if Joey should be with Pacey or Dawson.
6.   Sometimes cried because you didn’t look like Saved By The Bell‘s Kelly Kapowski.
7.   Sometimes cried because the dial-up on the internet had already taken 18 minutes to connect and then you got knocked off by Dad calling work.
8.   Sometimes cried because your Tamagotchi kept dying.
9.   Knew – and sang – all the words to Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s theme tune. Innnnnnnn West Philadelphia born and raised, in the playground is where I spent most of my days, ETC.

Of course we all did this stuff. And that’s why Kim shouldn’t be ashamed of calling herself ‘Dope on a rope’ (anyone?) or of that time she perhaps thought she might be high because she accidentally sniffed a marker pen. No?

Either way, happy birthday Kim.

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