Could McFly and McBusted's Dougie Poynter be moving from music into acting?

Singer, rockstar, bassist and general gorgeous babe (seriously, how can someone look SO perfect?)

But now McFly’s – or McBusted, take your pick – Dougie Poynter may be adding actor onto his lists of many skills.

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‘Acting is something Dougie has considered for a long time.’

An insider for The Sun continues to say that ‘he has taken lessons to grasp the basics after Ellie told him to go for it.’

Oh Ellie Goulding – this power couple eh?

‘There’s a big interest from agents as they think he can make a credible actor. He knows a career in music isn’t something that’ll last forever.’

We doubt Dougie will be short of any music to play any time soon, but that is very true.

AND he’s got a bit of a Johnny Deep in Pirates of the Caribbean vibe about his look, so we may have a new Captain Jack in our midsts people!

Or maybe he’ll shock us all and go down the rom-com route?

Whatever role he fancies playing, we think it should involve his top being off…you know…as a serious director’s decision….