Rows over partying and late nights leave Tina devastated


Tina O’Brien is ‘in bits’ now that her relationship with Ryan Thomas has finally come to an end after a stormy six years together. But even their closest friends admit the relationship was on the rocks for a long time.

The pair announced their break-up last weekend after Ryan was questioned by police when a car in which he was a passenger was involved in a crash, but sources close to the pair say things started to go wrong before that.

Tina was tired of being a stay-at-home mum when she used to go out and party with Ryan,’ one tells Now.

‘She wanted to rein in his lifestyle, but he’s a young guy and felt she was tying him down. As much as they love their daughter Scarlett, some of us doubt they would’ve stayed together if it wasn’t for Tina getting pregnant.’

The 26-year-old has been inconsolable since Ryan, 25, called time on their six-year relationship last week.

‘She’s been in floods of tears every day, it’s been awful,’ a friend says.’Her mum and dad have been a tower of support.

‘I don’t think she saw the split coming. They’ve been rowing for weeks, but they’ve always argued and I think she just thought it would work itself out like it has done in the past.’

According to friends, the couple were on the verge of splitting when Tina found out that she was pregnant: ‘It was a huge surprise, but they decided to make it work. At first things were brilliant, but they got gradually worse and the arguments started again.’

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