As ex boyfriend Lewis Hamilton seems to be going from strength to strength with reported current fling Rihanna, Nicole Scherzinger and Ed Sheeran call it quits- reportedly due to their age gap.

In the same way that we didn’t see this one coming, we didn’t really see this one lasting either.

The most bizarre reported couple of 2015, Ed Sheeran and Nicole Scherzinger, have called it quits on their bizarmance (you know, bizarre romance) due to the difference in ages.

We first became aware that Scheeran was a possible ‘thing’ after The Sun reported they had been getting close over pints at Mr Sheeran’s local watering hole. A source revealed that as far Ed was concerned ‘they are in the early stages of dating’.

However, The Mirror has now reported that Nicole no longer ‘needs a man’ (C’mon Pussycat Doll fans, you know you loved that one), as the pair have decided to go their separate ways- ‘They were never serious and it’s now old news. The age gap was too big for them but they remain on good terms’, says a source close to the stars.

Ed, at a tender age of 24, is thirteen years minor to 37-year-old Nicole. But Nic really shouldn’t take offence, because if we’re being totally honest the woman looks so young she’s roughly one swipe of anti-wrinkle cream away from looking like a new born baby. Good genes and all that.

It seems like Nicole’s ex, formula one driver Lewis Hamilton, might have had a bit more luck with his freshly-dusted off pulling-pants, as things seem to be going from strength to strength with reported current fling Rihanna. A source told Life & Style that 30-year-old Lew has invited Riri on some yacht adventures around the Amalfi coast in Italy, ‘Lewis has chartered the Mariotti 377, a $300,000-a-week-super-yacht, and he’s invited Rihanna aboard for a five-day-cruise’

Lihanna, as we shall refer to them from now on, have already enjoyed a few jet set adventures- including some fun in the sun in Barbados and a good old knee’s up in NYC.

But we really wouldn’t be too upset if we were you Nicole, because, again, YOU LOOK ABOUT 20!

Alice Perry