Has Millie Mackintosh taken her exercise regime too far?

Ex-Made in Chelsea star and fashion designer Millie Mackintosh has never hidden the fact that she’s obsessed with exercise.

She trains with Russell Bateman, the founder of SBC (Skinny Bitch Collective), regularly posts pictures and videos doing yoga in impressive places and seems like she’s on a constant detox with various juices. But, judging by the new picture she posted on her Instagram last night, we have to ask: Has she gone too far?

While Millie, 25, is always one to hashtag #StrongNotSkinny, there’s no escaping the fact that her legs look super skinny in this picture she took backstage at the MOBO‘s last night.

Wearing a minidress from her own collection, Millie has taken the thigh gap to a new extreme. So much so that we started to wonder – have Selfies turned into Skelfies – skeletal selfies?

Millie has spoken in the past about her love of exercise.

She told us earlier this year: ‘I try to work out five times a week. I prefer to take the weekends off, so Monday to Friday’s my time to be strict. But I have a balance.’

It was in preparation for her wedding to Professor Green last September that Millie got hooked on being healthy.

‘I became addicted to exercise,’ she admitted. ‘I also started learning about the right foods to eat.

‘If you’re training, you need to fuel your body with the right stuff. If you’re going to spend the time working out, why eat a Mars bar after?

‘Maybe I’m thinner than when I used to eat a Domino’s takeaway three times a week, but I’m happier now.’

The ‘thigh gap’ has become a worrying trend in young teens and even Facebook groups and Twitter accounts are now devoted to it. We’re positive this is not the message Millie wants to give to her followers but is she doing it without intending to?

Millie currently has an incredibly busy schedule and lifestyle. She plans to have a lifestyle book, fitness clothing range and expand her beauty range (Millie currently has a range of eyelashes out) in the coming months and has recently moved in to her first marital home with Pro Green.

What do you think? Has she gone a step too far for her frame?

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