An honest Ellie Goulding admits she’s 'terrible' for not getting her health condition checked out yet

Ellie Goulding has always been majorly into fitness but she’s revealed that a shock health scare has forced her to relax a bit more.


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The 28-year-old star discovered last year that she has a heart problem, though admits she didn’t get it looked at properly at the time and needs to do so in the near future.

‘I found out I have this heart thing and I need to get it checked out,’ says Ellie.

‘I’m fine, it’s actually something someone discovered last year but I never got it checked out. Which is terrible, I have been playing with my life.’

Ellie is currently doing promo in Australia and it sounds like she’s planning that check-up when she gets back to the UK.

The singer has still been taking precautions though and has adopted a much more laid-back approach to diet and fitness of late.

‘I have been very relaxed, I have been chilling and not being as militant about what I eat,’ she tells Australia’s Perth Now.

‘It’s nice to know you actually can’t go to the gym, you’re not allowed.’

We’re glad to hear you’re putting your feet up, Ellie! The blonde star – who has been dating McFly’s Dougie Poynter since early last year – has been poorly as of late with the flu but was determined to visit her Aussie fans this week.

Ellie told her Twitter followers over the weekend that she’s continued to give her all to her performances despite the fact that she’s not been very well…

Well done, Ellie! Despite her heart concerns and recent flu bug the singer is usually full of life and has credited her vegetarian diet with helping this.

Earlier this week the Burn star took a glowing selfie for her Instagram fans and admitted that she thinks her wholesome regime has even caused her hair to grow.

‘I swear since I went veggie bout two years ago my hair just grows and grows,’ says Ellie. ‘it used to sort of just stay the same length.’

Looking good, Ms Goulding.

Anna Francis