The former Spice Girls member Emma Bunton talks about how her son is embarrassed by her and her growing family with fiancé Jade Jones


Remember in the Spice Girls movie – classic – where they joke about Baby Spice having a baby? Well, fast forward 20 years and it’s now a reality! Talking to fellow yummy mummy Rochelle Humes for AOL online series, Being Mum, Emma Bunton talks about what an emotional mum she is when it comes to her two sons, seven-year-old Beau and four-year-old Tate, which she has with fiancé Jade Jones.

‘I go to their assemblies and I cry. I watch Beau on the football pitch and I cry. I’m one of those mothers! I’m totally emotional about it all because I’m just so in love with both of them!’

Aw! Don’t show Emma the movie Up! then – she may go through a whole box of tissues within the first five minutes!

This happiness that the 39-year-old popstar feels hasn’t always been the case though, as Emma has opened up about the difficulties and heartbreak that she felt when she and Jade, 36, tried for a baby for over a year before succeeding.

‘At 25, when I did have a scare and they told me it was 50/50 I’d be able to have children, it broke my heart. I was frightened.’

Baby by name, baby by nature, Emma revealed how she’s ‘always been very broody’, and when she found out she was pregnant with first son Beau, she and Jade were just ecstatic.

‘It was the best feeling in the world, obviously because of all of the health scares I just didn’t know if it was going to be possible.’

Emma and Jade’s youngest son, Tate, may be taking after her footsteps as she says that he’s very theatrical: ‘All he wants to do is sing and dance’, as well being a mummy’s boy. ‘If he could be hanging round my neck, he probably would!’

Their older son, Beau, on the other hand is quite the opposite, who despite still being quite affectionate, is sports-mad and absolutely loves football.

So being surrounded by boys, and confessing that she’s even gotten into Fifa, would Emma like a little girl to play dress-up and teach her Spice Girl dance routines to?

‘Jade and I were talking before I came to see you [Rochelle] and I think I would love to have another baby, but I really don’t mind what sex.’

‘Obviously three boys would be amazing. A little girl would be a change and I think I’d feel like I was starting all over again’

And as it is with boys being boys, Emma confessed that Beau was going through a bit of a change and not wanting to hold his mummy’s hand.

Talking about an incident she said he told her: ‘Well mum, sometimes when you kiss me at the school gates and everything, it’s a bit embarrassing.’

We all get embarrassed by our parents sometimes, but c’mon – your mum is Baby Spice!

Thankfully, Jade was quick to the rescue and informed his son: ‘You don’t understand. Your mummy used to be in one of the biggest groups in the world and she’s really cool!’

To which replied to with, ‘What? Was she in the Beatles?’ and follows to call his mum’s band The Spicy Girls. Ouch.

As cool as being 1/5 of the best girl band EVER is – touring the world, performing in front of thousands – our Baby says that nothing beats being a mum.

‘For me, to be a mother is the best thing I’ve ever done. Ever.’

Aww! We wonder if all the Spice Girls have a group WhatsApp where they share parenting tips?

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