Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria admits she's looking forward to family life

Actress Eva Longoria has said she’ll sacrifice an Oscar for family life.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror the Desperate Housewives star says: ‘The most important thing to me is not work – it’s to have a family. I want to be a mother, I want to get married. I want to raise kids.

‘I’d much rather have a family than win an Oscar.’

And the 31-year-old admits that maintaining her youthful appearance is not going to take over her life. ‘Your looks can only last so long and you can’t depend on them forever,’ she says.

Eva has dating basketball star Tony Parker for 18 months and the couple are building a house together in San Antonio, Texas.

She insists: ‘When the show finishes I want to go home to Texas and be a mother.’