The X Factor's Che opens up exclusively to Now

Despite his nearest and dearest advising him against doing the show, 19-year-old Che tells us he isn’t afraid of being a ‘reject’.



So why were they so against Che applying? The 19 year-old said, ‘I don’t think they wanted me to join the whole ‘X Factor reject’ thing if I didn’t get far. But I’d just be happy with the exposure the show provides.’

Che’s pretty happy with his mentor Grimmy too and who wouldn’t be?!

‘He’s so uplifting and just constantly happy. When you’ve got to do late nights and early mornings it’s really good to have him around.’

And talking of the competition’s demanding schedule, we wanted to find out how Che’s relationship with girlfriend Megan Hanley would be effected?

‘It would definitely test it, but we don’t have any worries about splitting up,’ Che explained. ‘We’ve already spoken about it and discussed how much I’d be away if I make the live finals. We’ll be fine.’

The couple met ‘in the final year of music college and have been together since February’ and while on the subject of Megan’s singing skills, Che opened up: ‘I think she’d go really far on The X Factor because she’s so different, but she doesn’t have the confidence. I don’t know the reason why, but I want to help her build some. She’s pure talent.’

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