Baz Luhrmann makes the country the star of the movie

If you love romantic epics you’re in for a huge girly treat with Australia starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.

It’s the brink of World War II when English aristocrat Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman) leaves her comfortable country pile to find out exactly what her errant husband is doing on his vast cattle station in northern Australia.

His lordship’s been murdered and Sarah reluctantly joins forces with rough diamond Drover (Hugh Jackman) to save the land she’s inherited.

In true romantic comedy style it’s hate at first sight but they’re brought together for their mutual love for a young orphan called Nullah (Brandon Walters), a half Aboriginal, half-Caucasian boy who’s an outcast in both cultures.

The star of the film is Australia itself with director Baz Luhrmann creating thrilling set pieces in a dramatic landscape.

It’s rugged and breathtaking – no, not just the country – I’m talking about Hugh Jackman with his shirt off.