Made In Chelsea's Binky Felstead has shared an intriguing picture on Instagram...

It’s all drama, drama, drama in this series of Made In Chelsea. We like a bit of drama though, so that’s handy. This time, it involves Binky Felstead and Josh ‘JP’ Patterson.

Back in October, the two lovebirds revealed they were back ON, after taking a break from their relationship when Binky admitted to kissing someone on a night out.

Made In Chelsea’s Binky Felstead hits back at photoshop thigh-gap claims!

But, now it seems like things may have taken another turn for the worse. Uh-oh. In Monday night’s episode of the show, it was revealed that during a night out, Binky, Fred and Liv called Julius (who SEEMS to have a slight crush on Binky…) at four in the morning asking him to come out and join them.

Following this, Binky was enjoying a lady’s brunch with three other MIC cast mates when JP turns up, asking for a private chat. (YES, he interrupted brunch. Quite frankly, this is bad enough.)

Claiming that he didn’t trust her and that it was wrong to call men and leave voice notes, JP was NOT happy.

Following the show, Binky uploaded the below post on Instagram…

😊 ✌🏽️

A post shared by Binky Felstead (@binkyfelstead) on

Whilst Binky hasn’t comfirmed what the post is about (maybe she’s simply discussing her time at the gym!?) fans of the star have assumed it is referring to her relationship with JP.

One user commented on the pic with:

Sorry but please don’t let JP be involved in the technical drawings – I really hope you find your confidence and realise what a controlling dick he is?! πŸ†πŸ™ƒ,‘ and another wrote:

I’ve been married twice; once to a guy like JP and now to a guy who is not like JP. Please trust me when I say people who want to control and dictate to you are not good. They’ll break you down and wear you out and you’ll lose your sparkle. Find a guy who supports you and loves you for every fucked up little quirk you have. Not one that wants to change you or force to you to conform. Don’t become an empty shell of yourself to fit someone else’s ideals. Stay true to yourself.’

Made In Chelsea star Josh β€˜JP’ Patterson

Binky has been in a relationship with co-star Josh Patterson

One of Binky’s followers kindly worte: ‘Girl, you fine just the way you are. Keep being you. You’re one of the most down to earth, kind people on that show. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! πŸ’œ’

Some Insta users too the side of JP though, with one saying: ‘I feel really sorry for JP, he always looks so sad. Sorry people 😊 x.’

Here’s to hoping that this pair can work things out.