The rapper is going through a tough time

Professor Green has revealed that he’s been readmitted to hospital following complications after an operation.

The rapper underwent a procedure to have three hernias removed last week and returned home, only to have to go BACK in again due to suffering ‘bloating post surgery’ which required him to have his ‘stomach drained’.


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Pro, 33, has been keeping his Instagram fans updated and posted a selfie with a nasogastric tube in his nose to explain the situation.

‘After ending up back in the hospital (due to bloating post surgery)I’ve now got one of these in my stomach draining it. The joys,’ the star revealed.

‘When people say ‘Health is wealth’ it really is, isn’t it.’

Despite the unpleasantness of what he’s going through, Pro – whose real name is Stephen Manderson – has been able to look on the bright side and continues to poke fun at his hospital fashion choices in his photos.

The musician has been sharing selfies in his gown and with various accessories, with one snap showing him posing in a pair of sunglasses.

‘Anyone in fashion will tell you… there’s never an excuse not to be fashionable!’ he quipped.

‘So here I am, catheter in my willy, IV in my arm, @faewilliams @stellamccartney glasses on in need of a beer, a sun lounger and something other than a hospital gown to wear.’

In his most recent update Pro revealed that things were looking promising for him to soon be out of hospital.

‘Took my NG tube out. Choking in ones sleep ain’t fleek,’ the rapper told his followers on Monday morning.

‘It had also stopped draining anything; so fingers, toes and bollocks crossed my stomach has started passing things on how it should and I’m one step closer to getting out of here.’

Fans have been showing their support for Pro throughout his ordeal, with one commenting: ‘Wow you are a poorly man! Take care and your on the best place x @professorgreen the NG out is a really positive sign love’

‘Get well soon u can pull through this,’ another wrote, whilst one added: ‘Aww @professorgreen loving that you’re keeping your sense of humour! Get well soon!!!’

Here’s hoping you make a speedy recovery, Pro.