Hospital error almost ended tragically for BBC newsreader


BBC newsreader Fiona Bruce has revealed she was close to aborting her unborn daughter after a scan apparently showed that her brain wasn’t forming properly.

Fiona, 44, says that fortunately she sought a second opinion.

‘The doctor said she wasn’t “viable” and that I should abort her,’ she says. ‘I desperately didn’t want it to be true and demanded a second opinion.’

After seeing a specialist she was told the previous diagnosis was wrong and it was then she realised she could have killed her daughter Mia, now 6.

‘It was only afterwards that it hit me: I could have aborted my now very healthy, perfect little girl,’ she tells Sunday Express magazine.

‘They were catastrophically wrong. It should never have happened.’

Fiona is now involved with mothers-to-be charity Wellbeing of Women.


Isobel Smith